Association Adapts at Rainy Annual Meeting

By John Pelosi

In five years serving as president of the B. W. Wells Association it has never rained on the annual meeting. It did this year. It was not predicted. But it rained all through the event, finally letting up as we adjourned.

Alice and Jimmy Ray with their family and friends were huddled under a couple of tents cooking away but wondering if anyone was going to show up.

Rain-filled day didn’t deter B.W. Wells folks.

Jimmy was frantic about what to do with all that food. We had all the tables and chairs from the Stony Hill Fire Department but what’s the point of setting them up in the rain? Everyone who had an iPhone kept their radar app in full readiness. No letup in sight.

I was busy on the phone trying to arrange for the Stony Hill Baptist Church Community House just in case, and with Rob Evans, our scheduled speaker about whether or not to come.

We finally decided to go ahead and set up in the house. Joel Wolf had brought two shop vacs and went to work cleaning up the house. Then he and others set up the tables and chairs in the kitchen, living room and the downstairs bedroom. Lo and behold we had seating for 60 people!

It was great! At least 50 people arrived for lunch. I think most were really delighted to be dining in the house and considered themselves among the lunatic fringe of Wells supporters.

Hugh Nourse was elected President, again. Carman ______ and Sanford Bailey wereelected to the board, Pamela Andrejev and Vickie Cumbee (and who else) agreed to serve another term. Joe Paulonis will continue as Treasurer. Jeff Adolphsen went off the board

and I stepped down as President (no more sweating about the rain!).

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