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Sesbania herbacea Arrives in the Falls Lake Area

Sesbanias are tall, scrawny weeds in the pea and bean family, the Fabaceae.  Their shape and compound leaves are said to resemble a young Mimosa sapling or a Wild Senna.  Sesbania vesicaria (Bagpod) has become common in the Falls Lake region, … Continue reading

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A Visit From Mazus pumilus

Mazus pumilus (Japanese Mazus) looks like a cultivated plant that just crawled out of a neighborhood garden.  But in fact it is an introduced species that has become naturalized throughout the eastern United States.  Originating in East Asia, Mazus pumilus … Continue reading

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Distinguishing Catalpa from Paulownia Trees in the Falls Lake Area

Catalpa trees have been used widely in urban landscaping for their beautiful and dramatic flowers and spring foliage.  Although they are native to the United States, they are not native to the Carolinas.  There are two species of Catalpas found in … Continue reading

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