The First Week of November

“When you go outside to enjoy the crispness of this first week of
November see if you find:

Witch Hazel blooming

Some Water Striders, Orb Weavers (spiders) and Crickets around. Some
cricket call heard mid-morning
I’ve seen some Marbled Orbweavers still hanging on.

Orb Weaver Spider

Orbweaver Spider

Some Box Turtle and salamander sightings

Great Horned Owls calling in late afternoon and on cloudy days

Mammals preparing for winter

The above list is from The Piedmont Almanac – The Central Region: A
Guide to the Natural World by Dave Cook.

Some of the persimmons are tasting good. Might be a good time to find
your stand.

Get outside! The leaf color around here right now is stunning!

Have fun outside!”

Dana Fitz-Simons

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